Charming Larnaka

arnaca, a city with a golden future. Strategically placed, Larnaca benefits from its close proximity to Cyprus’ principal International Airport, and the other major cities. Nicosia, 20 minutes drive, Limassol 30 minutes, and Paphos less than 2 hours.
Larnaca is the international gateway to Cyprus, being its second port and having an international airport.
It is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world, and has plenty of historical sightseeing on offer to complement its deep-blue sea, bright sandy beaches and reliably sunny skies.
With its 400-berth marina, Larnaca is also a favoured destination for visitors with yachts. Land-based tourists enjoy the palm-lined harbour promenade and the city’s international calibre shops, inviting cafes and panoramic ocean views.
The city was called Kition in the days of the Old Testament and the ruins of the ancient city can still be seen. Much of its rich archaeological heritage has been preserved and is showcased in two of its main museums.
The surrounding area beyond the city is also a treasure-trove of historic ruins from the Neolithic period onwards.
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You can also download Larnaka’s Brochure (Format PDF, Size: 5 MB) which is an excellent sample of how beautiful this city is.

The new face of Larnaca
The Larnaka Tourism Board has been working tirelessly to upgrade Larnaka and its services since its inception, and with so many positive changes on the way, it won’t be long before this already-popular destination becomes a firm favourite for all.

Please  click here for information provided by the Larnaca Tourist Board outlining their plans for future projects and developments in and around Larnaca Area or download here (Format PDF, Size: 510 KB)

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